MOWISAT CORPORATION announcement – Appointment of President of the Board


Mexico City, March 24th 2017: Mowisat Corporation announced today the appointment of R. Scott Zimmer, Founder of LEAP, former Chairman of EchoStar Satellite Corporation and Vice Chairman of EchoStar Communications Corporation, as President of the Board effective March 24th, 2017.

Members of the Board affirm that after a rigorous search, the Board concluded that Zimmer’s leadership and considerable experience in both satellite technology and communications, along with his strong track record of success as Chairman and management roles, made him the outstanding candidate for this position. Zimmer has demonstrated throughout his career the ability to lead through key strategies which resulted in impressive value creation. Working with Zimmer will allow the Corporation to create the next chapter of Mowisat’s story of success.

R. Scott Zimmer served as Chairman of EchoStar Satellite Corporation and Vice Chairman of EchoStar Communications Corporation, being responsible for the successful launch of EchoStar’s first satellite from Xichang, China. Zimmer has current participation as a consultant for Echostar International Corporation among other Telecom companies throughout the world and he is also Senior Advisor to Charlie Ergen, Chairman of EchoStar Communications Corporation.

Zimmer holds a Masters of International Management degree from Thunderbird International Business School and a BA degree in Teaching and Asian Studies from St. Olaf College. He founded LEAP, a company that provides project management and implementation services for select technology companies.

Zimmer will perform an exemplary role in the leadership of Mowisat Corporation’s Board of Directors. He is a character that will ensure that the company continues to move forward both strategically and operationally, and delivers results. He is a visionary man and having him take on this additional responsibility at the current stage of the Company will only It will only mean a strong, stable and promising start.

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