MOWISAT CORPORATION announcement – Hiring of Bridgemark advisors


Mexico City, January 6th 2017: Mowisat Corporation hired Bridgemark advisors to guarantee the successful foundation and structure of the company. This strategy was developed considering the relevance of making the correct and most intelligent decisions at this stage of the company. Creating a corporation such as Mowisat, requires to take steps in the precise moment and in the exact direction, leaving no room for mistake. Considering telecommunications as the nature of the company, compliance is highly demanding and requires specific expertise in the sector which Bridgemark brings to the table.

Looking for financial expertise from business valuation through prospecting for buyers and preparing the company for sale, to highly effective accounting and corporate services, Bridgemark help its clients on how to manage their resources, understand their finances, and address governance, all essential processes to run a successful business. Having Bridgemark advisors on board, will ensure Mowisat cost effective management and operation, results-based accounting and maximized returns.

One of Bridgemark’s outstanding elements is Steven Hoffmann. Steven is founder and Director of Bridgemark Financial & Advisors Ltd., serving clients in Private Equity, Capital Market Financing, Technical Funds advisory, M&A, IPOs, and IFRS for Private and Public companies. Steven’s career spans more than two decades in corporate finance and advisory in Canada, US & Europe. He has founded several companies in the Energy, Solar, CoGen and Energy Storage sector, developing them from startups to revenue scalable enterprises, and subsequently successfully selling and/or listing them on Public Capital Markets. Steven, experienced in complex financings, capital raises, and successful listings, is currently supporting Mowisat acting as not only advisor but also CFO, which will make sure Mowisat grows healthy into new market opportunities.

Mowisat Corporation is a visionary entity, this means among other things, that its foundations are structured in a way that IPO and several other market schemes are a possibility. Having advisory from Bridgemark, will secure that all operations and company management are properly and efficiently directed to the execution of these possibilities and they become a reality on Mowisat’s future goals. 

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