MOWISAT CORPORATION announcement – MOU signed with Stargroup


Mexico City, November 9th 2016: Mowisat Corporation had been carefully considering Mexican telecommunications market for quite a while now. The corporation had been evaluating the current market reality and opportunity areas where Mowisat high tech satellite solutions will fit perfectly and improve the services available today in Mexican territory. After that thorough research, Mowisat has created strategies of all sorts, part of the commercial strategy is to ensure the understanding of the local market and compliance with all the regulatory entities, to be able to tropicalize their products and services, so that the solutions are tailored made and enclose efficiently whatever need required.

Market understanding and local perspective are both invaluable and advantageous key elements that Mowisat will never take for granted and will never neglect. Therefore, Mowisat Corporation confirmed today the alliance with Stargroup, a Mexican company that provides telecommunications services in Mexican territory. One of its trademarks, Stargo, provides high-speed satellite Internet service for areas with difficult access or without traditional Internet access. Stargo’s principles include social responsibility, teamwork, customer service, quality and cutting-edge technology which instantly merges with Mowisat’s values.

Stargo is a strategic partner with infrastructure, sales and installation teams support. Hence, the addition of Stargo to Mowisat’s high tech and tailored made solutions, creates the perfect synergy of knowledge, experience and vision leading straight to successful business structure and development. This alliance represents a watershed in the industry of Mexican telecommunications. Stargo will represent the brand name for retail sales in Mexico and both parties will join forces to position the country at the telecom industry forefront, increasing connectivity and improving satellite internet solutions services.

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