MOWISAT CORPORATION Announces alliance with AMTech


Mexico City, April 26th, 2017: Internet of Things (IoT) is the scenario in which things are connected to Internet; all objects are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data without requiring human to human or human to computer interaction. Therefore, Mowisat Corporation IoT Solutions require the perfect combination of tools, workflows, technologies and software, only possible through the most efficient and perfect synergy of top level elements. The partnership between Mowisat and Activity Monitoring Technologies (AMTech), blends perfectly into that requirement.

AMTech, formed by a team of world-class engineers, mathematicians and professionals, is an enterprise with operational basis in Mexico and Canada, also bringing solutions to customers across Latin America. Its mission is to solve everyday problems, enhancing existing systems to make a difference globally in Enterprises, Institutions and Communities alike. AMTech’s values and purposes, coupled with the business model and corporate structure of Mowisat, settles a strategic partnership that leverages joint core competencies mainly directed to IoT Solutions.

Mowisat and AMTech fully acknowledge that IoT has arrived at a new juncture in the industry and in all sectors; it has rapidly become a “corporate standard” because of the results it produces and the business capabilities it enables. Big Data strategies for instance, have massive impact on the need to make sure that tools and processes align with established goals of companies. Management decisions regarding safety and security, efficiency and optimization, maintenance and predictions are now properly backed up by proper metrics analysis. North America and South America, are regions particularly keen to invest in the development of Big Data strategies across industries such as Mining, Agriculture, Fishing, Oil and Gas. Mexico, for example, a country hosting many local and transnational companies, is an extremely attractive market that has not been properly served and satisfied. Hence, Mowisat and AMTech’s entry into the market will be a watershed in the industry and in the development of IoT, this alliance now faces the opportunity to be on the forefront of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

As IoT Solutions leaders, Mowisat and AMTech will develop specific niche products and services which will facilitate the identification of needs in a market that has not yet been properly addressed and acknowledged. This among other things, will ensure Mowisat and AMTech’s capability to create and penetrate the Machine to Machine (M2M) communications enabling real-time data supported and analyzed decisions, providing risk-reducing, cost-effective alternative strategies to every business. This will initiate with their collaboration on Software as a Service (SaaS) IoT applications and continue in a longer term with the market of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for IoT applications. Mowisat and AMTech partnership is also committed to jointly collaborate on a seamless modular platform that will be the plug and play standard of the IoT industry. These two enterprises will set a significant and everlasting precedent in IoT applications and development.

Due to Mowisat’s unique business model, Satellite Broadband Services will also play a key part in this alliance since Satellite Broadband will be used as backhaul to tailored specific industrial data metering. It will be through the utilization of both parties’ sales channels and ability to create ready to market products and services that this partnership will create an innovative synergy between IoT and Satellite Broadband Services with unseen scenarios such as connectivity in the utmost remote areas where industrial capacities exist and Ka-Band high through put satellite (HTS) technology as a cheaper and more reliable alternative. There is no doubt that this alliance will ensure the satisfaction of current and future needs in the industry, tackling new business challenges emerging in the market.

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