Mexico City, February 20th 2017: Mowisat Corporation has deployed a pilot satellite internet access in one of Mexico’s must paradisiac and remote beach areas, Tulum. Located in Quintana Roo, Tulum offers to travelers the perfect balance between interaction with nature and modern’s world commodities. Despite being one of the favorite trending touristic destinations, Tulum still reflects the ancient traditions and original folklore of the area and keeps its eclectic sense of homology with the environment. Hence, connectivity and communication remain an inconvenient for locals and visitors.

Mowisat Corporation found in Maxa Camp, the perfect scenario for a pilot considering Maxa Camp is precisely one of the few eco-resort, dream places, that can only achieve ultimate perfection by offering its people even more and better conditions and commodities which in a place that already has all we can wish for a dreamed vacation, is only possible through the improvement in connectivity and communications.

Being in Tulum, an Archeological site with ancient ruins, a National park, heavenly beaches and unbeatable weather, existing internet access is not exactly efficient and sufficient. That’s where Mowisat Corporation comes in. Mowisat has installed a terminal and access point with speeds at 10 Mbps up, 2 Mbps down, on Eutelsat65W satellite creating a Wi-Fi hotspot in the middle of nowhere, just on the beach for mass user access.

Modern world often requires people to remain connected; Maxa Camp features a beach club, a sun terrace, restaurant, yoga classes, film nights and hosts private events, where guests can enjoy water sports, biking and site seeing, becoming an eco-resort with high demand and currently listed among the area favorites. Now, Maxa Camp also provides connectivity and communications always available via Eutelsat65W satellite which will prevent future visitors and frequent customers, choose to travel to places with more viable communication networks.

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