Mexico City, March 24th 2017: Wi-Fi Hotspots and Digital Library, two concepts which represent modern basic needs that require high technology and top communication systems synergy and optimization, not an easy combination, especially in remote locations. Nevertheless, both concepts are now possible even in rural areas with Mowisat Corporation specialization in bringing online complex systems and its commitment to serve the rural population. This will be the opportunity for greater economic development of rural areas.

A Wi-Fi Hotspot is perhaps a more familiar or known concept. It is defined as a place or area where you can access the internet on mobile phones, tablets, laptops or any device that has Wi-Fi access to internet. This access or connection, is done over a wireless local area network (WLAN) through a router connected to an Internet service provider. A coffee shop that offers free internet access to its customers would be considered a hotspot for example. Another example of a Wi-Fi hotspot is a hotel or even a restaurant where you walk in, sit down, and connect your smartphone or laptop to the facility’s network.

The Digital Library is a more innovative technology developed by Mowisat Corporation, with the purpose to bring necessary information and data to rural customers. It is a storage device, serving as an intermediary between real-time internet connectivity and access to information in rural areas. Supplying high speed internet connectivity to rural areas, is a costly and time consuming effort. Our solution is a substitute to cabling vast areas with internet connectivity. The Digital Library is a solution that provides internet content previously stored in servers distributed through box receivers and Wi-Fi hotspots.

The Digital Library acts as a time capsule, downloading selected content, which is delivered to the customers through a new generation of connectivity hardware. Mowisat Corporation realizes that the Digital Library represents the starting point of a digitally enhanced eco-system. The Digital Library symbolizes an innovative response to the commitment to bring rural population online to ameliorating their skillsets and bridging the knowledge gap of the rural population to be able to become active participants in the economy. The Digital Library employees the latest technological achievements in satellite communications, local area connectivity, hardware and tailored software solutions to make available a complex system.

Digital Library Benefits

  •  Enables higher productivity

Trading platforms and tutorials on how to most efficiently manage local production and craftsmanship towards building greater skillsets of the local population.

  •  Entertainment

Various video and audio content such as movies, music, documentaries and games for entertainment purposes.

  •  Access to education

Tailor made platforms for the youth and adults to receive adequate education.

  •  Informed population

Access to local and international news and useful information to support informative decision making.

  •  Access to workshops

Amelioration of skillsets and craftsmanship towards gainful employment.

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