Digital Library beta version is ready and soon to be tested by the Secretary of Education of Mexico

Mexico City, December 22nd, 2017: Mowisat Corporation commitment to serve the rural population has brought the Digital Library concept to life, having our beta version ready and soon to be tested by the Secretary of Public Education of Mexico (SEP) in rural areas of Mexico. This will be the opportunity for a greater economic development of these areas.
The Digital Library employees the latest technological achievements in satellite communications, local area connectivity, hardware and tailored software solutions to make available a complex system.

Acting as a time capsule, the Digital Library downloads selected content, which is delivered to the customers through a new generation of connectivity hardware. Using a storage device, it serves as an intermediary between real-time internet connectivity and access to information in rural areas.

Recognizing the need for high-quality content sources, Mowisat packaged global content resources in Spanish such as Khan Academy, Wikipedia, CK – 12, EngageNY, among others for offline use. To ensure that the educational materials are relevant, we also support curation of local content, partnering with various stakeholders, such as the SEP, private schools, NGOs, journals, and content providers.

The Digital Library intends to offer internet content for those without internet connectivity, everywhere in Mexico for starting packages of $1 USD per month. Based on feedback from our customers, we will work on the development and design of new features.

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